Problems updating Quadro 600 to openGL 4.6


I’m Mario. I have one NVIDIA quadro 600 and I need to run OpenGL 4.6, but the lastest version of my driver support only OpenGL 4.5. I already discuss about this question before at NVIDIA forum, unsuccessfully.

However, I found that my GPU is compatible with OpenGL 4.6

but I don’t get upload the driver to a newer version.

Could anyone help me, please? Thanks a lot!


I see what you see, at least as far as the official NVIDIA graphics drivers are concerned.

When I search for your GPU on the download page:

The latest Windows 10 driver I see is:

In the driver info PDF, it mentions OpenGL 4.5.

What OpenGL 4.6 features did you need? It’s possible that what you want is available via supported GLextensions on that latest NVIDIA driver from 2018. Just not in GL core.

Alternatively, you could check out what Mesa3D supports on your GPU. Especially if you’re on Linux, not Windows.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that my system is Windows 10.

What I need to run with OpenGL is Yuzu mainly, but when I try to run a game, I get the message: “Your GPU may not support OpenGL 4.6, or you do not have the latest graphics driver”. I have no idea what features of OpenGL I need, where can I check it?

I already tried to solve this problem with a YouTube video (I think that using Mesa3D too) unsuccessfully too.

Anyway, I’m going to check if Mesa3D run for my GPU and I tell you something.