Problems texturing a sphere

Hi all,

Not sure if this is OT, but here goes anyway. I am using spherical texture mapping to texture a sphere. Does anyone know of a way to get rid of all the distortion at the poles?

David Poon.

Nope. It’s built-in. I’d suggest using NORMAL_MAP or REFLECTION_MAP instead (the two forms of cube mapping)

Google for polar corrected photoshop plugin. You can apply this plugin on your texture map, and then use spherical mapping or normal mapping. It worked fantastic for me.

The author of the plugin is Richard Rosenman

maximian: Thanks for the plugin link.

jwatte: I’m already using cubic environment mapping for the reflections on the sphere. I’m using the texture as a decal for the sphere, and I’m modulating it with the reflections - all done using shaders. Everything looks sweet…except for those distortions at the poles