Problems running Half-Life: Counterstrike w/ OpenGl on ATI Rage Pro, and Windows 2000

i have been having problems w/ counterstike on my Windows 2000 system–i can’t get it to run in opengl without problems. The first issue is that when i start a game it will load, however a third of the screen is obstructed w/ a bitmap of the main menu of counterstrike. when it does run w/o this obstruction it runs fine. However, when i exit to the main menu and then try to return to the game i get all this garbage–multicolored line, textures, etc. Can anyone help me solve this problem? I have an ATI Rage Pro board on windows 2000 w/ the latest drivers.

I have Windows ME on a 600+mhz Intel system.

ATI All-in-Wonder 128 32mb PCI

When I try to use Half-Life, OpenGL mode doesn’t work (Direct3d does). I want opengl HELP! my fps is so crappy!

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I have it too!!!
I have a nvidia tnt2 Daytona (32mb) with the detonator 3 drivers running and whenever i try to play Half-Life counter strike on the net, the only way i can play is if i set software video mode. This sucks. Why dont you fix the openGL driver so it doesnt crash or lockup during gameplay on half life. >

alrite u guyz…this is simple…to be able to get this to work, u gotta download special unsupported drivers from the manufacturer’s site…second set that driver up than reboot the comp…last go to display properties and put it to 16 bit because opengl onlee supports 16 bit display…besides, when u view a 16 bit display mode w/ screen resolutions at 1024x768 and higher, it looks the same as if u put it to 32…any problems than email me at and i’ll try to help u out…=)

Hey, I have the same problem. An ATI Rage Pro video card on my Windows 2k Machine (laptop). In my case Quake3 will not run at all, and ATI doesn’t have special opengl drivers out, or at least I can’t find them. Any help? Thx.

I am having similar problems with my new ati radeon ve card playing nascar 4(screenshot function crashes video) and halflife shows no opengl drivers for the radeon at all

Sorry but i got a diff prob… my prob is… how to make the game to lighten up i mean is how to get some of the shadows off… it is not a cheat but i used tnt1 and the game is much more ligter than the one in tnt2!!! it is also not about the gammas

Hi All
I have a similar problem, I have a diamond Viper V550 16mb card with the latest nVidia TNT drivers sent by Diamond. I have 1024x768 in 16 bit mode all ok. I have the latest opengl drivers still no good. If i try to select opengl in HL-TFC-CS- any addon to HL i get lots of lines on the launch of that game patch and the pc freezes?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Hey, I don’t know if any of you thought of this but how about not installing DirectX8? I have DirectX8 Downloaded, but not installed and I’ll stay that way until A) The problem is fixed or B) I get a game that requires DX8 and I like the game so much I’m willing to play HL with D3D.

If you installed DirectX8 the only way to get out of it is reinstall windows, if you haven’t then don’t until you’re sure that’s what you want to do.

By the way, I saw little to no improvement in D3D when I went from DX7 to DX8, using Windows 2000 a Pentium II 466 (Yes I know they don’t make them, that’s a PII 350 with a 133 MHz FSB.) and a TNT2 Ultra. However I haven’t tried again since I got a GeForce2 MX and a PIII 800.

Oh and I also have at least a quarter of my screen taken up ONLY when I start playing CS/HL as a server (not dedicated obviously). This only occurs if I haven’t played a game since the last time I closed HL. If I came out of a multiplayer game then when I start up a server the obstruction doesn’t occur. However, if I hit ESC to go to the menu and then restore, I have an unobstructed screen (if the game didn’t lock up–about 1/10 odds).

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