Problems of planting Opengl program from Linux to Windows

Hi, all:
Now, I am busing planting a program from Linux to Windows. The C program under Linux using Glut to display windows, which are clean and clear. When planting them to windows, I have to fix different funcs to MFC. After using the initial method in windows, such as wglGetCurrentContext() and etc. The program finally can run.
However, the program display apparently different under these platform. And In windows, it cannot display right. I think it might be the problem of gldrawpixels(); But I have not found how to fix it.
Later I will post the pics. In fact I have not find the post picture func in this kind of forum.

by ‘planting’ you mean ‘porting’ right ?

for pictures, use the ‘image’ button, below Instant UBB code. The pic must already be hosted somewhere on internet.

Planting, I mean, migrating code from linux to windows, which I didnot think it needs to start from scratch again.

BTW, the IMAGE UBB code requires url, but my pics are in my harddisk.

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