Problems making Nreal glasses controller conformant to OpenXR

Hi, everyone, I’m from Nreal who’s actively adopting OpenXR as an conformant standard. We’ve come across the problem coordinating action bindings on Nreal controller.

Nreal glasses is designed to use USB-C cable to connect to an Android phone that works as a controller, where the UI on touchscreen as buttons. However, the interaction profiles defined by current OpenXR API basically assumes the controller has physical buttons.

The tricky part is that it is not reasonable to map our controller to some existing ones, as we could not make the screen lit up during openXR runtime for some technical reasons, thus not showing the UI buttons.

Any idea/suggestion on how to make Nreal controller (an Android phone as the controller) conformant to OpenXR?

I answered this one on Slack, but basically: make an extension providing an interaction profile for your device, and also set up mappings from your device to several existing interaction profiles. Choose some set of buttons to use on the phone that allow easy mapping to popular controllers.

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