problems installing opengl drivers

Just got 3d prophet 2, geforce 2 gts.

Used to have voodoo3 3000. After
uninstaling v3 and installing prophet 2,
opengl programs don’t work, and in fact
it appears the system appears not to recognize and hardware opengl driver, though I see the nvidia “nvopengl.dll” has indeed been installed and listed in the registry…
banging my head against the wall here, any help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW direct3d programs work fine so I don’t suspect any hardware issue… seems to be an opengl drivers installation issue.



Try Glsetup you’ll find a link to it somewhere on this site.

I have the same problem just got the card
glsetup dosnt support the geforce2 yet
If anyone knows what the drivers do wrong please post it

Im running win95b btw

I have a creative labs Anihilator2 (GTS Board) with 32MB of RAM. I have the same problem anybody got a fix yet?

Can you tell me which motherboard you’re using? I’ve a Asus CUV4X with VIA chipset, and that might be the problem. I’ve tested two cards, from Creative and Guillemot (GeForce GTS 2) and both don’t recognize OPenGl, altough I had no problems before I changed motherboard and cards…

Strange, isn’t it? and no one seesm to e able to answer this?

Please check with more people that has the same problem, and tell me which card you’re using and moterhboard.


jose antunes

Got the same problem here (Geforce 256 DDR and win2k) but with a difference:

It’s run from new with the original shipped drivers with no problems at all, both Quake 2 and 3 ran fine with OpenGL.

However, having updated to the new win2k drivers, OpenGL now fails in all situations with a sub-system error, even after all the usual registry cleaning, hardware, software and win2k uninstall/reinstall and a reversion to the original drivers!

Despite all this, Direct 3D still runs fine for UT.

Please help.

Problem solved.

It seems to be down to a FULL clean of the Registry before installing drivers.

For a full description, see my Topic “Solution to Geforce, OpenGL and Quake2 !”

Hi All,
My HW:
Win 98, Cel 400, 96 Megs, DX7a.
Annihilator 2, SB Live.
Asus PB2VE, 440 BX.

Everything worked for a few days, then only D3D would work. I followed the advice and did a full reg clean, then openGL starting working again. Booted up the next day, back to no openGL.
All SW and HW seem to be ignoring the openGL drivers totally. Or they find them, but they dont run.
Right now trying Display Director and 530 drivers.
Ready to go back to Voodoo.
They at least can tell you what drivers go where and what they are supposed to do.
I cant even find one person who knows what the difference is between.

  1. openGL32.dll
  2. openGL.dll
  3. NVopenGLL.dll
    Much less, post anywhere where they are supposed to be in the registry.
    Happy Gaming
    Timothy Kelly