Problems installing ColladaMaya on Mac OS X using Terminal

I’m having difficulty installing into my Maya 2008 via my (intel) Mac ‘terminal’. I have followed the .txt installation instructions ensuring that the Maya folder is /Applications/Autodesk/Maya2008

I also downloaded a maya2008 ColladaMaya_OSX_3.05B (which now resides on my desktop) from: … z&33409878

However I can’t get the installation to work. The error message " No such file or directory" keeps appearing.

Here is a complete message in the Terminal text box:

Last login: Sun Jun 8 18:05:17 on ttys001
Tim-Rileys-Desktop:~ timriley$ cd /Users/timriley/Desktop/ColladaMaya_OSX_3.05B./
-bash: cd: /Users/timriley/Desktop/ColladaMaya_OSX_3.05B./ No such file or directory
Tim-Rileys-Desktop:~ timriley$

I’ve been trying different variations of code to fix this without success.

Please could anyone give me guidance as how to fix this as I’d like to be able to export .dae files from Maya 2008 to papervision3D in FlashCS3