Problems in Dolphin Emulator and Android Studio


I like to report this issue: In Dolphin emulator when I try to use Vulkan as backend the emulator just close without any error message even in log file. I thinked that the problem was the emulator, but is not the case aparently because, in Android Studio, when I try to launch my AVD devices pop up an error:

My graphic card is an AMD RX 590, so I uninstalled the driver using DDU, twice, and nothing seems to fix any of this problems. Also I installed the lastest Vulkan SDK and the Vulkan RT but nothing happen as well.
I reinstall Android Studio and doesn’t work, same case with Dolphin emulator.
In another hand, I use CEMU emulator with Vulkan backend and it works perfectly… So I don’t know exactly whats happening.
Can someone please help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance.