Problems exporting animation as separate SRT values

Hi, I’m currently working on an exporter for animated models to the COLLADA format but am having some trouble exporting animation.

I’ve been able to export models’ skeletons and animations correctly if I use SRT matrices for the joint transformations and animation but I would like to be able to export these as separate scale, rotation and translation values. Currently if I export a model using separate values, Blender will load and play the first animation only and ignore the rest. All of my exported animations using matrices work fine. I can’t work out what is wrong my separate S, R, T animations. Can someone please help me work out what’s wrong.

I’ve attached a very simple model with animation exported with both matrices and separate S, R, T transformations.

I found the problem when trying to re-import them - the animation channel source ID didn’t match the sampler ID for rotation animations. I have it working now.