Problems around OpenGL

I need to play a game in OpenGL mode, but it dosen’t work, what should i do?

You could develop your owned game using OpenGL.

Well, that isent the thing i was looking for, when i play the game i can use diffrent modes like playing in Software/D3D/ and OpenGL mode, but the OpenGL mode dosent work, ?

I guess Coconut said so, because this is a developer board. It means ppl here are coding in OpenGL and need advices, code snippets or links to help them solving their problems.

If you are experiencing problems using OpenGL in HW/SW products (i.e. VIDEO GAMES) , please post in the appropriate section .
Btw I suggest you to update your gfx card drivers, through the gfx constructor website.

Jepp, it’s all working now… thnx

glad to help you.

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