I have a problem: after I formatted the c: partition and reinstalled windows(and the same drivers that I used before), all my programs that use OpenGL run very slowly…before they run normally. It seems that now they don’t use my video card (I have a matrox g400). But games like quake3, blade of darkness, and all the games that use video cards run normally. I don’t know what I have to do. (sorry for my english) thanx.

Are you making sure you have the right bit depth. My Intel 810 only hardware accelerates 16-bit. If the screen is in 24bits (it doesnt do 32bit, i know, it sucks)it renders software making anything real slow.

Yes…I think I’m sure because before I formatted the hard disk all the programs worked normally with pixel of 32 bit, now games run normally with pixel of 32 bit but not my programs…sigh…(thank you for the answer) it seems that my 3d accelerator is turn off when I try to run them

THANK YOU CHXFRYER YOU WERE RIGHT!!!I thought I had put the format of pixel to 32 bits, but I was wrong 'cause it was to 24…thank you so much!!! Now the things work! Thank you again!

no problem !