One of my games recently said “Cannot open game.dll” a few said my opengl32.dll was corrupt and needed restoring. They said to find the file here lol. I need the download to the file for Windows 2000, and i use Radeon 8500. Im also not to good with technical problems like this, so if you can tell me how to open it and all would be appreciated, thanks.

Reinstall Windows 2000. Your system seems really corrupted.

The opengl32.dll gets installed with Windows and you can find it on the W2K CD in one of the .cap files (cant remember which one right now).

But files dont get corrupted without a cause. Its usually a virus/worm/trojan that messes with your system, so yes a clean reinstall sounds like a good idea but dont forget to backup all your important data like emails, documents, pictures and so on.

Install some antivirus tool and a firewall to prevent further trouble.

there is no other way? i dont have my W2k disc anymore so i guess im screwed, but if there is another way can someone tell me?

Unless you know some computer geek who is willing to spend a couple of hours in front of your computer to clean up the mess:


yeah, that i dont know, so thanks for the help, its only a few things nothing major so no problem

If you use 2000 pro(not server) then go to and download the free scanner. Use it and scheduale a boot scan(remember to update it first) it should clean out all of your virus/worm/trojans/ etc. and you can try reinstalling the software you are using. Also try new drivers and try finding your win2000, ro just upgrade to xp.