Problem writting char data

Hello guys, Can someone help me?
I am developping a COLLADA 1.5 exporter to OpenRAVE (Robot simulator) and I have some troubles to achieve this. The problem is that I wish to write down some sensor features and I want to use the setCharData method of the daeElement class to store this info.But I don’t know how to activate the char data. I have seen that there is a hasCharData method that indicates that the object has char data. In my case It is always false. Here there is a sample of the source that I am writting:

      domInstance_sensorRef element = daeSafeCast<domInstance_sensor>(domInstance_sensor::create(*_collada.get()));

      for (size_t i = 0; i < sensor->getContents().getCount(); i++)
        if (sensor->getContents()[i]->hasCharData())
          RAVELOG_DEBUGA("Has Char Data

RAVELOG_DEBUGA("Doesn’t have Char Data

        RAVELOG_WARNA("Content %d Type ID %d Name %s:%s


It always appears the message "Doesn’t have Char Data
" because the char data it is not allowed.

Any help good be wellcome…

Best regards

I have found the solution to the problem with write parameters that are not part of the COLLADA specification. I write down the solution for help someone that will have the same problem.

// Gets the meta element of the parent tag that will contain the parameter
// sensor is the tag that represents a robot sensor
daeMetaElement* meta = sensor->getMeta();

// Allows to insert a parameter not present in the COLLADA specifications

// Adds sensor param to the COLLADA document
// ‘param_name’ is a const char* variable that contains the name of the param
// ‘str_param_value’ is a std::string variable that contains the value of the param

I hope that this may be useful to someone