Problem with TNT2 and openGL

Is there anybody who has got a solution to the problem with TNT2 refusing to run openGL applications? I’ve surfed the net for 24 hours straight, or at least it feels that way, and still cannot solve my problem:

I have just bought an OEM (Butterfly?) RIVA TNT2 M64 32MB. I run Windows 98, have a Soyo SY-6KL motherboard, and a Celeron 300 MHz processor. When I install the videocard with the drivers from the manufacturer everything works fine EXCEPT for any openGL application. Sometimes, the app runs for about a second. At other times, it hangs before that. When I try to run the latest drivers from nVidia, Windows crashes almost immediately. What should I do? It feels as if I’ve tried everything: Updated the motherboard Bios, changed the Bios (Video Bios shadow disengaged and so on), used NVmax to set AGP to 1x, etc. Still no change.
Please help! I’m desperate.

Stupid me!

One final check at the nVIDIA homepage made me realize that I wasn’t suppose to use the standard drivers, but had to use the non-WHQL certified drivers found in the drivers archive. This seems to have solved the problem.