Problem with texture objects on indexed lists

I have a problem with multiple usage of texture objects. (I am working on an old FORTRAN application in a Windows environment so there is not much sense to post code here, I assume)

I have two windows in one thread, a 2D-window and a 3D-window. Starting my application the 2D-window is created. In the WM_CREATE clause I create a number of texture objects. They show fine, when I render them to GL_QUADS in WM_PAINT. Switching to the 3D- window hides the 2D-window. I build indexed vertex and texture coords lists in the WM_CREATE clause and want to use the same texture objects in this window as before. But they do not show, my objects remain white.

If I do not bind my texture objects but reload the textures by new calls to glTexImage2D within the WM_PAINT clause of this window the textures get rendered to my objects okay. So I guess I managed glMakeCurrent all right but the problem is in the texture objects. What to do ?
Any help would be appreciated.

Either use wglShareLists across the windows, or this :

AAaah. I was under the impression to do just what is detailed in this thread, but in fact I was handeling two different rendering contexts.

Thanks for the push.
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