Problem with scrolling in a MDI...

Hi, I have a problem!
I can’t scroll!!!

I have implemented GL in a MDI project and it draws polygons. Ok, but if a polygon is bigger than the viewport then i must scroll!!

I got MyPrjView : public CScrollView.
But, the polygon “breaks”!! The “good” part goes up and the rest does not go at all!!

Can someone give me a tip to do this kind of thing?

Thanks in advance…

(a) This doesn’t seem to be an advanced GL topic.

(b) Sounds to me like you’re doing a GDI based scroll of the window contents and you are expecting the non-visible fragments to magically appear in the window after your scroll. Fragments that are not visible (ie. Covered by another window or outside the bounds of the viewport/window) do not exist. GL doesn’t create them.

The answer to your problem is to ensure you update the frame buffer immediately after a scroll event.