problem with rendering

I am having an issue with my rendering of some objects. When I create them myself, they display fine. My problem is when I get the objects from a dll file. What I am doing is taking an autocad drawing and breaking it up into its components and then sending them back to my program in the form of a string, I then parse the string and create the objects from that. At the moment, if I just try and do the circles (and any other objects at that) nothing will be displayed but the ones I hard coded in the program. The circles are done the exact same way and they are getting sent and the objects are being created. I debugged and the program is generating the lists for the circles, but only the ones I hard code and not the ones from the dll will display, any help is appreciated. Her is the cpp file I am using.
drawing of objects

If you want to know, all the dll file is doing is sending a string back just like I am doing in the cpp file.

p.s. the dll is getting called back through the function guiCallBackHandler. I am doing everything the exact same as when it is called from the dll, but just the stuff from the damn dll isn’t being displayed.