problem with openGL on new computer

Hi. I’m hoping someone can help me here. I just received a laptop as a present. I’m trying to play a game—specifically Star Wars Phantom Menace. However when I start it says unable to open graphics hardware. When i went into video configure I could not even find the openGL option. I d/l it from but have no idea where to unzip the files to or whether that is the problem. My laptop specs:

IBM ThinkPad 600X, Pentium III 500, 324 MB RAM, graphics is NeoMagic Media256ZX. Running Windows 98.

Please help.

Thank you.

I am not sure if NeoMagic adaptors come with OpenGL drivers (their old adaptors did not anyway !)… You should check it on their web site…
Usually, a laptop is not so good for playing 3D games…




Does SWPM even use opengl, LucasArts seem to be big Directx fans.