Problem with Opengl Mode

My problem is very special.
I have an MSI KT7 Turbo with a VIA MS6330 Chipset, a DURON 800, and a GeForce 2 Mx.
When I want to run games like Half Life, Quake 3, SOF2, which use Opengl mode, i have an error message which tells me that i have a problem with opengl mode.
I have installed all the latest drivers of my video card et mother board, i have installed Win 98 SE, Win 2K Pro, Win XP Pro, and the problem always exits.
Recently I made a law level format, but nothing changed.
My video card works on other computers, but others nVidia cards don’t work on my computer.
What else can i do ??!!

Thanks very much if you can help me

Well I am personaly sick of VIA, they suck and I NEVER EVER buy a motherboard based on one of their chipsets…