Problem with OpenGL and Win2000, not a "subsystem problem." Need Help.

I’ve have problems with Win2k and an Geforce2 MX 400 card. I know for sure it is the video card/opengl32.dll but there does not seem any current solution. I have one PC with Win2k and a TNT2 card and OGL works just fine. I have another with Win2k and Geforce2 MX 400 and openGL does not work at all. I’ve installed SP3 and latest Nvidia drivers on both.
When I try to run a OGL application on the Geforce2 PC I get a message box saying “*.exe could not run generating an error log.” I don’t know what to do, except wait for Nvidia to release some new drivers. sigh

OpenGL does work with the GeForce2 card and either WinME or WinXP. I didn’t like XP, it’s WindowsXP where X=CRA.

I’ve found the solution, man I feel stupid. It seems Win2k was loggin me on automatically, but not as Admin. So I was installing this new stuff without the proper authorization. Therefore it wasn’t working. I’ll go slink off into a corner now…

Moral: Log in as Administrator, install new videocard drivers[ and SP3 ], OpenGL works.