problem with object converted via 3DExploration

hi everyone,

thanks in advance to anyone who gives attention and helps.

i have one object (.wrl and .nff). when i opened via 3DExploration(3DE), and saved it into .cpp, it only loads objects’ coordinates, and didn’t give any functions to load its textures as well.

i wonder, does 3DE able to convert the object into application where textures and function to load the textures included.

oh yep, i am working on OpenGL and C language. so of course i am expecting the files are .c/.cpp.

Please somebody help…


3D Exploration will export the texture coordinates; you need only to uncomment their generation in the Gen3DObjectList() function of the display list .cpp file.

However, as far as loading your textures into memory and telling GL what texture to map to those coordinates, you are on your own, AFAIK. I recently upgraded to the latest version (1.5) and haven’t used it since upgrading, so this functionality may have been implemented.

Can anyone else comment on this?