Problem with my Videocard on Xp !!

Can somebody help me ??
My problem is that I have install windows XP
and now after installing XP I cant play Medal of Honor or Jedi Knight2 !!!
There comes everytime a message when I start one of this game !!
Message: GWL_startOpenGl{} -could not load OpenGl subsystem
My videocard is a Hercules 3D Prophet2MX
but after installing XP it is a NVIDIA Geforce DDR !!!
I want to install the old treiber but i cant do it because XP is always install the other treiber !!!

P.s I am a german so my Englisch isnt so good !! I hope you can understand it !!

It’s okay…you’re english isn’t bad at all! Now, I am assuming that treiber means drivers? If so, you need to go to NVIDIA’s website and get the specific XP Detonator Drivers. If it still doesn’t work, the next solution (that is known) is to simply reformat (wipe your hard drive of everything) and reinstall windows. That worked for me.

Thanks to you !!!
I have Download the NVIDIA Detonator for XP and then I could start all games !!!
Thanks for your help !!!