Problem With MSVC++

I just got a new computer, and I don’t have my copy of MS Dev Studio anymore so I copied it off my old computer and put it on my new one.Now the problem is that on my old comp it was in D:\Programming\ now it’s in C:\Programming.When I try to compile it comes up with 1 error 0 warnings and says “Error Spawning Cl.exe”.
Any help please???

Try to change directories in option dialog:
(menu) Tools->Option
(dialog) directories tab

I am suspicious about your copiness.
Yeah, you can copy what you want. But
how about the register table and
some environment variables set up for
MS Studio?

I think the best way is try to find
an installation CD.

Good luck

Here’s a thought… go out and BUY a copy of VC++. Or if you don’t want to do that, there are a number of free compilers that you can LEGALLY use.

Thanks a bunch Citizen it works now =)
As for the question of my going to buy a copy, this IS the retail version but the cd was a friend of a friends (sounds lame huh)