problem with kotor

I just installed star wars knights of the old republic (kotor) on my laptop and it doesn’t work. I have a toshiba satellite A 70 series laptob with 3.06 GHz and a ATI mobility radeon 9000. I have 512 mb of RAM. According to the minimum configuration required, I have more than enough. I downloaded a driver from the toshiba web site for my graphic card and it didn’t change anything. The game works but I shows about 1 frame every 10 seconds. I cannot play this way. I was wondering if there is anything I can download or I can change in the configuration of my computer to fix that problem. By the way, I tried playing with different configuration and it didn’t change a thing and I know the game works because I tried it on a friend’s laptop.

Thank you

I forgot to say that if you know a web site where I can download a driver, please send the exact address or at least where exactly I can find the information