Problem with Intel Graphics Media Accelerator !!!!

I am using Tao Opengl. I created two opengl windows say window A and window B in the same application. When I deleted the window B (destroy its rendering context
and release device context) something wrong happen on my window A, the window looks like not able to activate the rendering context. Anyway I got call the method Wgl.wglMakeCurrent(deviceContext, renderingContext) every time the window is refreshed. This problem only happen on my laptop with “Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver” and it is no problem with my another PC that using nvidia graphic card. Any help is appreciated. Thanks !!!
The snippet code for the Initialization and desroy of opengl context is as follow:

void CreateContext(){
deviceContext = User.GetDC(windowHandle); // Attempt to get the device context

		renderingContext = Wgl.wglCreateContext(deviceContext);         // Attempt to get the rendering context


internal void DestroyContexts() 
		if(renderingContext != IntPtr.Zero) 
			Wgl.wglMakeCurrent(IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero);
			renderingContext = IntPtr.Zero;

		if(deviceContext != IntPtr.Zero) 
			if(windowHandle != IntPtr.Zero) 
				User.ReleaseDC(windowHandle, deviceContext);
			deviceContext = IntPtr.Zero;


“and it is no problem with my another PC that using nvidia graphic card”
notorious Intel drivers are known to have plenty of bugs. Try updating to latest drivers.

I could not agree more …

OpenGL on Intel chips? I give up too a while ago. Not efficient, not relliable … Let know everyone to not buy any computer with just an Intel chips. It’s just a shame!

Those chips must be really really chip to be sell that much and Intel pushing a lot! I hope the new Apple Notebook shows the way to go to everyone, nVidia and ATI have such great chips and drivers compared to Intel. I even wonder if it wouldn’t a good idea to use embedded chips (PowerVR SGX, ATI Radeon E2400, nVidia Tegra) for laptops.

Thanks for the reply. I will try to update with latest Intel driver.