Problem with Green Component of Textures

I’ve finally got my Windows-based OpenGL accelerated OBJ and MD2 viewer working, but I’ve hit an odd snag. For some reason, the green component of my textures are NOT being effected by OpenGL’s lighting system, and they are being rendered at 1/2 intensity!

At first, I considered that it might have been a bug in my texture loading code (BMPs and PCXs). However, both texture loading routines suffer from the same problem, and when I disable lighting the problem completely goes away, leaving me to believe that the texture loading routines aren’t at fault.

The problem exists in both software and hardware (G400 Max) rendering, and other applications (Chumbalum’s MD2 viewer) have no problems handling the green component with lighting enabled, leaving me to believe that the OpenGL driver and my display are working properly.

I’m not using any colored lighting, and untextured models are rendered in the expected gray shade, leaving me to believe the lighting settings aren’t causing this.

I am utterly stumped. In my experimenting, I tried diabling all the lights, with the outcome being the red and green components rendered completely black as to be expected, and the 1/2 intensity green still shows up, completely unfazed, just to mock me! ARGH!!!

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong? I’d appreciate any help.

(a very frustrated) C=64