Problem with Graphics Card

I have Pentium II 366 Mhz and onboard graphics card ( SIS 6326 ) . have installed Alone in the dark 4 and Wolfestien but it asked for Open Gl but other games such as Halflife, Tombraider 4 , Fifa ect… works perfectly without any problem so to run AITD 4 and Wolfestien which driver i have to install.



It looks like it’s a common issue. I do too have a SIS 6326 AGP, and RTCW demands all the time that couldn’t open the OpenGL dll… so i’ve installed th GLDirect 3.0 (a replacement for the OpenGL interface driver) and now it runs. Althou it crashes when i load the game (try to start playing it) so it’s mostly the same s@#t anyway.
From the control panel of the GLDirect configuration window, it shows up “WARNING: The graphics hardware/driver you selected does not have sufficient hardware features required for full OpenGL API support. You may experience visual quality problems when running some OpenGL applications. You can solve this problem by installing newer graphics hardware.”
for more info, i have the SIS 6326 AGP SDRAM 8Mb.
if you know anything to work this thing out, please post it here too.