problem with glut32.lib under c++builder...

hello, I have a problem with c++builder5 pro and the glut32.lib file from glut 3.7
Then, I installed the files in the goods directories (I’m sure), I’m linking my glut32.lib file with the project and the linker make a fatal error, unable to open the glut32.lib file. The glut32.lib file was précompiled for windows 98se and I had executing the implib.exe program on it.
What can I do ?
thanks fr yours answers).
(If you could speak in french, it will be cool;o))

You can use implib for creating import libraries from dlls but if you want to convert a MSVC import lib file is coff2omf the tool to use. If this does not work can you get a premade Borland lib from the net. has some information.

Nate Miller