problem with glut32.dll

i’ve done everything i’ve found in this forum to run a opengl program, but when i try to run my app, it says:

“this application has failed to start because glut32.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”

but i have placed glut32.dll in winnt\system32\ …
why would it still say this?


You could try placing it in the directory with the exe of the program you want to run… maybe the program is trying to find it in another directory…

It first looks in the current directory so if that doesn’t work it could be that the dll version you have isn’t compatible. If it does work then my earlier thought may be true… in which case see if there is a SYSTEM directory in comparison to SYSTEM32. Although I’m not sure NT has two directories like this…


I use Win2K on one PC and I had to put glut32.dll in the same directory as my .EXE before it would work. On my WinME, it works fine in the system directory. Go figure!?