Problem with glsl on geforce 6800

has anyone else noticed a problem with running glsl shaders on release 71.84 forceware with a 6800?

i’v tried running on a gainward 6800 power pack (128MB) and a galaxy 6800GT (256MB) with forceware 71.84 and both suffer a 2 GIGABYTE raise in page file use when the shaders are linked…

the exact same program runs fine on the exact same hardware but with older drivers.
(i’m back to using release 65 drivers now)

That had been reported here before and a similar report had been acknowledged as a compiler error. Tried the newer beta drivers?;f=3;t=013087

The 76.41 run GLSL shaders perfectly, give em a try, they’re the best ones I’ve used up to this moment.
PS: I have a GeForce 6800NU

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