problem with glReadPixels

Ok, this is really wierd. I’m trying to capture what is in my viewport to an RGB file by reading the pixels and then writing the data out to file. Initially I tried using reading as GL_RGBA, but I was getting a strange picture, so I read each color into a separate array (GL_RED, GL_GREEN, GL_BLUE and GL_ALPHA). But for some reason, the GL_BLUE values aren’t correct when I write them out to file. The red, green and alpha are all fine, but the blue gives me this skewed picture… any clues?

Ok, I figured it out… I have an SGI machine with a VR3 card in it, I was using their drivers and apparantly the driver was what was causing the problem. As soon as I switched to the NVIDIA driver for the Quadro, it worked great. And I wasted a day trying to figure that out…