Problem with game execution.

Hi just wondering if anyone can help me.

This is my system newly bought -

AMD x2 3800+
MSI 7800 GT 256mb PCI-E
2Gb ram.

Now i have downloaded and correctly isntalled the latest Forceware 81.98 from the Nvidia site. I got a game (Chronicles of Riddick) with my Gfx card, and so I installed it to play and see what it was like. It installed fine. When i run the game though it shows a small splash screen with Chronicles of Ridick, then the screen goes black and it looks like its going into the game, but then it stops and crashes out to the desktop and comes up with a message that says “This application requires support for OpenGL version 1.3 or above” and then it just exits out.

Now im sure that the drivers are current enough and support OpenGL and im sure the GFX card is sufficient considering the game came with the card, so im really unsure what to do here as it seems like ive got everything set up right. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks, Skyn :confused:

Search this forum and you’ll find that you need game patch from the publisher’s website.
The new OpenGL 2.0 version wasn’t correctly detected by the game.