problem with display lists

can every body help me?
when I create more display lists for example more than 200 list when I click in run
game before run exit from gl window
and when I use few lists its work Correctly
Does opengl have limitation about more than 200 lists
please help me?
I sure my objects are correct
every objects size is Range of 100kB in .obj format

but I dont know what should I do for fix this wrong
in my opinion every things are ok
can I want you to write your display lists in your codes
for example write your code only from glint index=glGenLists(1000);
to glEndList();
They are my lists:

Glint index = glGenLists(91);
…use object

…use object

and then I use

Glint index2 = glGenLists(100);
…use object

…use object

Is this code correct ?

when I want run my program my windows give an error about visual memory
my graphic card is nVidia GeForce 7100 GS