Problem with CodeWarrior

Hello! I’m a computer scientist student and I’m just now learning OpenGL for an exam. The problem is I have an old PowerPC 7600 with Mac OS 9. I use CodeWarrior to build my C programs, I have CodeWarrior IDE 1.3. Unfortunately, I absolutely can’t manage to make even the simplest OpenGL program work. My programs compile all right, without a single problem, but when I click ‘make’, CodeWarrior refuses to proceed. It gives me this kind of warning error:

Link Error: undefined: ‘filename’ in glut_util.c

Why does this happen? Is it a CodeWarrior problem? Why can’t it manage to link GLUT files correctly? I followed the instructions provided in every single OpenGL for CodeWarrior tutorial on the web, so I know I configured CodeWarrior correctly. Then why does it get stuck? If you can’t tell, I’m desperate. I have an exam to give and am stuck. Please help me? I’d really really really appreciate it.

You are putting these in your project…

I always did that, but it just doesn’t work. Thanks for repyling, though.

do u have the most up to date opengl sdk from apple, maybe that ~.c file is corrupted?

Yes, I have the latest SDK release which I downloaded from the Apple site. I also tried downloading it again in case some files were corrupted, but even doing that, CodeWarrior refuses to link. I really do not know what to do. Thanks for replying.

do you want to zip your project and send it to us so I can look at your project settings etc…

That’d be grandious, thank you so much! Can I send it to the email address I see, or to another? Thank you again!

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