Problem with ATI card

Hi, I’ve wrote an OpenGL application with animation and collision detection.
This application works fine on nVidia, Intel or Matrox cards, but hangs the PC on ATI cards.
Anyone have a suggestion about this?

I’d suggest you post a few more details. Things that might help to diagnose your problem:

  1. What is your application doing?
  2. Exactly where does the problem happen?
  3. Which ‘ATI cards’?
  4. What driver version?
  5. Which operating system?
  6. What programming language?
  7. What have you tried?
  8. What do you see on the screen?
  9. What should you have seen?

Your current post waters down to “I wrote a program that doesn’t work - any ideas?” which doesn’t help us to help you at all…

Hopefully someone can help you once we know more about what the problem is.
– Jeff

Sorry, you’re right.

  1. In my application I simulate the movement of a CNC machine, using OpenGL and GLUT. I use some display list for instancing object.
  2. The problem appear when GLUT create the display window. On screen appears only the window title and the bordes and the PC freeze.
  3. I’ve tried with Radeon VE and with some notebook with different ATI Mobility chipset.
  4. I’ve tried Catalyst 3.0 and 3.1
  5. The operating system is Windows 2000 or WindowsXP
  6. Visual C++
  7. I’ve tried to reinstall drivers and to recompile the application.
    8-9) I don’t see anything on screen, where I aspect to see the animation of machine model.
    As I wrote in my previous message, on other cards my program works fine.
    Thank for your answer

It seems like you have done everything reasonably.

Contact for more help with the issue. They will probably need the app to reproduce the problem.