Problem with Ati and GLSL

I get a ‘runtime error: abnormal program termination’ whenever i use this code to initialize e vertex shader:

  g_vertexShader = glCreateShaderObjectARB( GL_VERTEX_SHADER_ARB );
	unsigned char *vertexShaderAssembly = readShaderFile_GLSL( "shaders/aircraft2.vert" );
    vertexShaderStrings[0] = (char*)vertexShaderAssembly;
    glShaderSourceARB( g_vertexShader, 1, vertexShaderStrings, NULL );
    glCompileShaderARB( g_vertexShader);
    delete vertexShaderAssembly;

The shader code is OK, and everything works fine on nvidia hardware. Any idea ?

there could be a problem with the shader source.

i heard that ati chose not to support shader model 3… this would cause problems for anyone who may wish to use long shaders or certain functions.

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