problem when using 3d texture

hello i use a stack of CT images to make 3d texture. when using 1 image the 3d texture is 2562561,the mapping result is correct.but when using 2 images to define 3d texture,it must be 2562562,the result have something wrong.the result image become bigger and only see a little area of initial image and image quality becomes bad. whether my glTexParameter()wrong? when the 3d texture is 2562562 or 2562564 ,does the rendeing process need some change?

This is a strange one. Something crazy like a projection on your texture matrix could cause this.

It may just be a 3D addressing bug but it’s difficult to tell from your desctiption.

Oh… it may be the way you’re specifying your images, if you screwed up the str image dimensions you could see what looked like blocks of your image scattered through the volume in a pattern, make sure you don’t confuse s,t,r dimensions anywhere in your code from your loading, your in memory layout to your teximage or texsubimage calls.