Problem when Starting ET (enemy territory)

Hey all!
I’m pretty noob with all of that, and ET worked without any problems until I format my comp because of viruses.

Right now, i get the subsystem error every time i try to start it.

Also, i made the GLinfo report if it can help.

Driver version Unknown
Vendor Microsoft Corporation
Renderer GDI Generic
OpenGL version 1.1.0

Extensions GL_EXT_bgra
WGL extensions : no extensions

If you have a nvidia based GPU, then and download their latest driver.
If ati,

Just run the setup.exe
Make sure anti-virus software is turned off and any other program is closed.

My Graphic card is a Nvidia Vanta 16Mo, and used to work perfectly lol, even tho it’s not that good now…!
Only, i don’t find the latest driver for this on Nvidia website, even on the archive…
Please, help me!!

I’m on windows xp professional 2002 edition

i am facing the same problem…
and i am using vanta/vanta LT
i can’t find any update either…
can that be fixed…
or i MUST have a new graphic card

“nvidia vanta” are actually “nvidia TNT2 vanta”, so click TNT2 and Shazam ! It works even with super new 77.xx forceware.
From my tests I would sligthly recommend the 56.xx version if you can find it in the archives.

same problem with ET(enemy teritory) here. but been trough archives but could not find good driver for my nvidia geforce2 gts/geforce pro.
anyone got suggestions.(also been trough the quick menu at and downloaded all the drivers i could fin for my grafcard. but they all say there no compatiable systems on the pc

The drivers from NV are reference drivers that typically work on all NV based gf cards.
Some of them have special BIOSes or something.
For example, if your card was made by Asus, you may have to download their “patched” driver.
Do you have a desktop system or laptop?
The drivers on work for desktops.