Problem scaling in Z direction


I’m using glScalef to alternately scale my model in the x, y, or z dimension
(on iOS OpenGL ES).

All works fine in the x or y dimension, but if I scale in the z direction,
then immediately follow with a glRotatef, the scaling doesn’t ‘stick’ -
the z dimension immediately reverts back to what it was -

My setup looks include these:
glOrthof(-3.4f, 3.4f, -4.1f, 4.1f, -7.0, 7.0f) in my setup -

I suspect it has something to do with my camera/viewing projection,
and the fact that it lies looking along the z dimension - but how?
The code works fine for x and y, e.g.:
glScale(newFloat, 1, 1);
glScalef(1, newFloat, 1);

Any insights appreciated,

~ Mike