Problem rendering object followed by bitmap font

I’m having a problem rendering some text over my 3D objects.

I’m rendering a simple terrain tile and it’s bounding box (using some code found on Then I render some bitmap fonts (found on Nehe’s site).

The problem I face is that although the tile and bounding box are rendered first, followed by the bitmap fonts, the box obscures the fonts. I’m rendering the text using a texture quad.

This image shows the problem better than my description.

The image is in PNG format in case anyone can’t view it.

I have disabled depth testing when rendering the bitmap fonts, but it still doesn’t work.

I know that this is probably impossible to answer without seeing code, but is there anything obvious that might cause this? Maybe I’m mis-using the OpenGL stacks? Any help greatly appreciated.


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If you are drawing the text last, and you have definitaly turned off the depth testing, it sould really appear on top.

Does Hehe’s code re-enable the bepth test?

Does the text go behind the terrain or just the bounding box lines?