Problem rendering glutSolidCube

Hi Everyone

First of all, i’m sorry, since i’m not so good in speaking English i can’t think about what to search on google for this problem (can some one suggest me a string to search? Thanks)

Anyway, i got this problem:
I draw a 8x8 matrix of red and white tiles, using a glScalef(1.0, 0.3, 1.0) on glutSolidCube(3.0)

The problem is that the render is absolutely wrong. This is a screenshot of the problem (since i can’t explain it with words… sorry)

Since i don’t know what can cause this, i don’t post any code (to keep the message short), but if you need info just ask.

Thanks very much

Here 's some reading for you. It may be a bit difficult, so if you don’t understand, just skip to the conclusion at the end and follow that advice.