Problem on creating DAE object

DOM 2.1.1 Visual Studio2005(SP1)

#include <dae.h>

DAE dae;


I found there is an error dialog when run the app.


I found the error was in baseUri() which invoked when create DAE object.
It invoked ~basic_string() twice.

//FILE: xstring
__CLR_OR_THIS_CALL ~basic_string()
		{	// destroy the string

I still can use this DAE object ,but the error does not make us happy.

do you link dynamically or statically?

did you follow these steps: … Setting_up

kex347, thanks

The problem has been solved.
The environment of my project cause that. Now I link DOM dynamically, the error has gone.

Notes: I should add NO_BOOST in Preprocessor Definitions.