Problem drawing text

I am trying to draw some text in the screen, however, no success so far. I just see PITCH BLACK screen. Here is my code:

void init( void )
HDC hDC = wglGetCurrentDC();

base = glGenLists( 256 );
HFONT hFont;

hFont = CreateFont( fontSize,//Height 
	                0, //Width 
					0, //Escapement
					0, //Orientation
					FW_BOLD, //Weight
					FALSE, //Italic
					FALSE, //Underline
					FALSE, //Strikeout
					ANSI_CHARSET, //Charset
					OUT_TT_PRECIS, //Output Precision
					CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS,//Clipping Precision
					ANTIALIASED_QUALITY, //Output Quality
					FF_DONTCARE|DEFAULT_PITCH, //Pitch and Family
					fontName //LPCTSTR pointer to typeface name string
if( !hFont ) return 0;

//Select a device Context for the font
SelectObject( hDC, hFont );

//Prepare the bitmap font
wglUseFontBitmaps( hDC, 32, 96, base );


void display( char* str )
char text[256];
va_list args;

if( base==0 || str == NULL ){
va_start(args, str);
	vsprintf(text, str, args);

glRasterPos3f(-0.25, 0.15, -0.1);

	glListBase(base - 32);
	glCallLists(strlen(text), GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, text);



Could you plz help me in drawing the alphabet F in openGL with the code… could u also plz mention the vertices used… i just want to go through it and understand throughly…

toocool, i am having problem drawing text and u r asking me a question :slight_smile:

Well, the code i have above supposed to work, u just pass whatever string u want to draw, on init() pass font name, and font size. As long as u pass the correct DEVICE CONTEXT ( in windows), it should work, but my case, it is not working. My guess is i have to do some glLoadIdentity(), or some clearing the buffer,i tried those, still does not work.

have a look at NeHe website
it is in lesson #13

i figured out the problem. I commented out this line

and it worked. but I DUNNO WHY??? anyone has CLUES :slight_smile: