problem doing texturing

i have a 70mb file containing RGBA information which i need to use to texture on grid of 1200*1200 triangles…

problem occurs when i take the array to store image greatrs than 2048…
for array like this - GLfloat image[2048][2048][4], it works fine but texturing disappears for array -
GLfloat image[4096][4096][4] or anything above it.

how can i go about solvin this issue… pls help

check the max texture size you gpu supports.

it is 2048 only in my gpu… so how can i go about texturing larger pictures???

You can’t with a single Texture_2D object… you’ll have to create in memory an array of textures to cover your needs, so an array of 4 2K2K textures will suffice. This means that you’ll have to break your rendering of the mesh into 4 chunks so that a different texture can be bound each time.
Alternatively, you could make use of shaders and the new TextureArray_EXT extension. Here, just like 3D textures, you can ‘layer’ your 4 tiled 2K
2K textures into a single GL texture. The beauty is that in the shader you can access the layer and draw the triangles with the appropriate texture. I’d suggest supplying a simple RGBA texture to use as a lookup - assuming that this is suitable for your model (a terrain perhaps?).