Problem Computer System

I have a client’s computer system with me. In a PIV 2.0 CPU, 216Mb Ram, nVidia GeForce MX400 video card, Win Xp Home.
My client has been having problem with play a game. The game in particulare was FIFA2001.
What will happen is that you will be able to play the game for about 15 minutes. And then the game will quit bring you back to windows.
Firstly, I thought this was a video card issue. So I change the video card to a nVidia GeForce 4 MX440. This time, it was 30 minutes before the game would crash.
Changing the memory did not changing any thing, and updating the drivers did not work.
So I then thought it might be some thing to do with the game itself. So I loaded Unreal Tornament 2003, and again… 15 minutes of game play and the it will boot me out back to windows.
We also re-installed the Win Xp Home with no joy. We also upgraded the video card drives.
The only thing that I have no done is upgrade the DiretX to the latest realease of version 9. But some how I don;t think that is going to help me.
My cleint has complained that he can not get Open GL to work on it computer.

Could some one give me some tips, because I am running out of options.


Random reboots usally happen when the power supply cant beliver enough “juice” over time. Try a different PS and see how it goes.