Problem Calling SetPixelFormat in opengl32.dll

Ive recently started study opengl at my university, and the teacher gave ut pretty much basic instructions on how to get OpenGL to work in Visual Studio (I use VS 2005). I had some problems to getting the compiler to handle opengl so we did the easiest solution, the teacher gave me all the *.lib and *.dll files and copyed them to the right folders, I also included them into the project aswell as you should.

Still when i build even a example openGL project (which I know has no errors) i get Runtime error. It says “Cant find the procedurestartadress SetPixelFormat in DLL-file OpenGL32.DLL”. No referens or other help for solving the problem. Not even my OpenGL teacher knows how to solve the problem, I really need help with this one. :frowning:

Thanks on behalf

IIRC VS2005 doesn’t come by default with the MS Platform SDK. You must download and install before trying calls such as setpixelformat and so. You can see the detais of such package there

Thanks alot for the answer, you saved me and my grade :slight_smile:

// Rikard

Ive download PSDK for x86 system and installed, then carefully edit the files you should, as microsoft discribes. But still i get the same error :frowning: , i will try uninstall everything, reinstall a fresh copy of windows, update it and then install the enviroment and opengl, and then try again. :slight_smile:

One last note, i have now solved the problem. Got no answer to this topics problem, but im happy as long its working. Fixed it by reinstalling Windows, Visual Studio 2k5 and last of all OpenGL. :eek:

You have to follow the setup instructions exactly from my experiences. If you forget the Platform part you pretty much need to start over if you installed anything else already.

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