Problem about exporting scene from 3dsmax to maya

I make a test on a .max scene which can be found at :
This is a model of the sponza atrium.
I open this scene on 3dsmax 7 : no problem.

I try to export this scene with the max script extracted from the file
And I have a error message :
–Argument count error: Collect_Material_Maps wanted 1,got 2

Could anyone help me ?
Maybe I didn’t download the good script… or this a limitation ?
Anyway, everything can help me.
Thanks for your help.

We got the same problem with 3dsmax6.

It seems there’s an error in the script.
At line 726:

		for i=1 to mat.numsubs do
			Collect_Material_Maps mat[i] map_list	

Collect_Material_Maps calls itself recursively with one too many parameters, map_list, which doesn’t seem to be used or defined anywhere else.
I removed it (changing the second line to “Collect_Material_Maps mat[i]”), and it seemed to have fixed that particular problem.

You are correct MORB. THis is now fixed into the latest script.
I will soon post the latest scripts for COLLADA 1.2.2 on the public site so you can benefit the last improvements.

Thanks… I just try the new collada version, and I d’ont have the error message about collecting materials maps… Fine ! Thanks for your quick feedback.