[Problem] 16-bit color in opengl games

Dell Dimension 8200
Windows XP Home
GeForce 4 Ti4600 128mb
512mb RDRAM
dell m992
currently using nVidia’s newest 61.77 drivers

The problem is, OpenGL games seem to always be running in 16 bit color. I’ve been through quite a number of different driver versions and this problem has always been there. The most noticeable effect was when playing Starsiege: TRIBES. Since the z-buffer depth is tied in with the color depth and TRIBES has a lot of really long distances, I would get huge jagged edges where the renderer couldn’t tell whether or not it was supposed to put a building in front of the hillside it was sitting on. In the past, this problem was always easily fixed by changing settings to 32-bit color… but now for some reason I can’t seem to do that.

The normal windows environment runs in 32-bit color just fine. Direct3D games run fine in 32-bit color. It seems to be specific to opengl games… and it seems that even when playing in windowed mode, where the windows environment in the background is obviously in 32-bit color, the opengl games are still stuck rendering in 16-bit.

Anyone have ideas on how to fix it? It’s kinda bothering me that Doom 3 doesn’t look as good as it should.

If I recall correctly there was an setting in the older driver panels to force 16 bit rendering in OpenGL apps, however you cant set or unset this flag with the newer drivers anymore but perhaps the corresponding registry key is still set in your system?

This could also be caused by a “tweak” utility.