Probably off topic, but here goes......

Why can’t I save a web page from this site completely? I’d like to do this if I see some useful info posted in the discussion boards, such as links to other sites, tutorials, references, etc.

Thanks for any help.

I assume you’re attempting a “deep save” using your browser’s ‘save as’ command. I tried the same thing and got similar results. Weird…

Something you might want to di is this:

Open up the HTML source in notepad. Save the text from notepad. In windows explorer or the command prompt, rename the text file giving it an .htm or .html extension. You should be able to view it in a browser now, but the graphics and a few other elements won’t render. If you just want the content, this shouldn’t matter.

Hope this helped,

Use netscape, it fully saves this website and so that is what I always use.

… or get a copy of Acrobat, like I did, and print the page, including the images, right into a PDF-document. All you have to do it go to File->Print…

Thanks IpVoid,

I’ll do that, but I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think of that earlier

Thanks again.