Printing the WGL fonts


     Am creating fonts using wglUseFontOutlines in OpenGL.  But the image i have drawn is getting printed.. But the fonts are not getting printed.. Suggest me your ideas..

Thanks in advance,
Sangeetha. J

You would need to be a bit more specific, maybe you can post som part of your code, there are a lot of different things that can cause problems.

Hi mikael,

       I have kept two options for the OnPaint() function. In one option, it will call the DesignDraw() function and in another option it will call the TextDraw() function. While in first option, i can able to see the design drawn on the screen, and could take the print out of the image displayed on the screen.. Print out in the sense am taking as a PDF output. But while selecting the second option I could see the text displayed in the screen. But while in print preview nothing is getting displayed even though the text is displayed in the screen. i didnt know why.

Hi Mikael,

     I am displaying the fonts using WGL function.. i.e., WGLFontOutlines..  If u could not get me i will post some part of my code..